Model 21 False Eyelashes

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Last year I started playing around with false eyelashes and now I’m really into them. My lashes are small almost not visible to the naked eye (..a little exaggerated). Even though I do wear mascara to enhance my lashes, with falsies it just finishes off the look and takes my eye look to a different level. 
At first when I started wearing lashes it was a struggle getting them on properly but with time and practice I seem to be getting better but by no means am I a professional. I haven't found my holy grail lashes as of yet and still experimenting with different brands. 
Recently, I was sent a box of Model 21's False Eyelashes No.19 combo box (Retails for $12.95 USD) which has 10 pairs of eyelashes for my review; however I have not been compensated for the review. Opinions on this product are MY OWN and have not been influenced by any means. 

If you haven't heard of Model 21 before, they are a company that many bloggers and You Tuber's have reviewed and liked and I've wanted to try their lashes for some time. 
One of the good things about the combo box is that since I've never tried this brand before I get to sample 5 different pair of lashes styles 2T, 40T, 19T, 63,  and 3T. In this review/reveal, I applied the no. 2T’s for you to see. 
My own lashes (yikes!!)

Model 21 - 2T applied

Model 21 - 2T applied - looking down

Model 21 - 2T applied- full view

What I liked 
  • The lashes were easy to apply and remove
  • The longevity is amazing. I have used the same lash set 4 times now and can probably get another 1-2 more wears
  • Lasted all day (but I'm sure the glue also had something to do with this also).
  • Blended in with my own lashes easily
  • Felt light as a feather on the lash line (at times I had to touch lash line to see if they were still there).
  • The 2T's (Picture) are so great for everyday use.
  • Model 21 does provide international shipping. Yay!! and to Canada when you purchase 3 box of lashes the shipping is around $13..00. I would sign up to their face, twitter and email subscription and wait for a sale and save a little bit of money. 

What I did not like: 
  • No lash glue provided with the package (this pertaining especially to beginner who purchase lashes for first time)
  • International shipping (in specific to Canada) can be a little steep approx. 13.00 (ouch)
  • Took about 2 weeks to receive ( not so back since it's international shipping but I was just inpatient..
  • As for the lashes itself no dislikes so far with the 2T's

Final Opinion 
If you are on a budget, but are looking for some good-quality lashes, I really think that you'll fall in love with these as much as I have. The longevity of these lashes are amazing! I can get at least 5-6 wears before getting rid of them. A few brands of  lashes I own usually last for 2-3 uses before they start to look raggedy.  They are super light-weight; almost as if there were nothing there!  The 2T are more on the natural looking side and great for everyday.I really do like the feel of these lashes and want to place an order for the following:

You can connect to Model 21 Eyelashes social media's on FACEBOOK and TWITTER, and by their WEBSITE   

What are your favorite lashes? Do you own any Model 21 lashes? 

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